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24-Hour Dispatch: 415-931-1400

Contact King-American Ambulance in San Francisco 

24-Hour Emergency Medical Dispatch 

Non-Emergency Dispatch

Emergency Medical Stand-by
415-931-3000, ext. 132

Claims Management and Billing
415-931-3000, ext. 131

415-931-3000, ext. 112

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    • Private commercial insurance (HMO and PPO).
    • Medicare (Part B only), and Medi-Cal and managed care plans.
    • VA benefits for service veterans and Tricare enrollees.
    • Workers compensation.
    • Members of the Community Health Network and local community health programs, including Healthy San Francisco, San Francisco Health Plan, Chinese Community Health Plan.
    • Checks payable to King-American Ambulance Company.
    • Pay online here, and a receipt will be sent via email.
    • Call our billing department at 415-931-3000, extension 131, and pay by credit card using your Visa or MasterCard, or by return mail in the envelope provided with your bill.
    • All claims are subject to insurance or health plan approval of payable benefits.
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