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I received emergency care service from your paramedics at Stonestown Mall in SF.

I was experiencing a massive heart attack as your ambulance came to my rescue! I want to express my abundance of gratitude that I have for your staff!! Matt Lau and Travis Payne and their colleague in that ambulance worked fast and efficiently! They were helpful and careful with me as they assessed my situation. Because of their fast actions I am able to live and enjoy it. They saved my life!! I cannot say enough about them and the care they gave me and my family! Please honor them. They are invaluable.

Forever thankful
Kwong L., San Francisco

On behalf of the men and women of the San Francisco Fire Department, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to King-American Ambulance Company for your operational support on June 10, 2011. Your assistance allowed our members to attend the services and pay their respects to our fallen members, Lieutenant Vincent A. Perez and Firefighter / Paramedic Anthony M. Valerio.

Our Department changed forever on June 2, 2011 as a result of the fire at 133 Berkeley Way. Your Department's presence and assistance in responding to the medical emergencies in our City are deeply appreciated.

Joanne Hayes-White
Chief, San Francisco Fire Department

The purpose of this letter is to recognize and than two of your employees, Josh Huschke and Juan Carlos Calvo. On 3/10/2011, Investigators from the San Francisco Medical Examiner's Office were on the scene of a residential death. Josh and Juan Carlos remained on the scene and assisted our investigators. The actions of Josh and Juan Carlos went above and beyond their normal duties and they deserve recognition and the sincere thanks of this office.

Richard Vetterli
Acting Deputy Director
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
City & County of San Francisco

I am writing to ask that a commendation be given to the two paramedics who responded to my 911 call tonight (January 21, 2011.) They were very professional and, since I thought I was having a heart attack, helped to calm me and give me all the appropriate care, quickly, efficiently, professionally and were very proactive in asking good medical questions. I did not get their names, unfortunately. They were very protective of my modesty, which I especially appreciate as I am a Muslim woman.

Please pass along my sincere thanks for their excellent customer service. Luckily, it turned out to be bad indigestion, as much as the doctor could tell. Still, since the pain was very severe, and I had never experienced anything like it before, I was very glad to have them there to give me immediate medical treatment, triage me, and take me to the hospital.

Again, many, many thanks to them. God bless you,

Lynn G.
San Francisco

My husband and I wish to thank all of the EMTs and Paramedics who have transported us to dialysis at UCSF Mt. Zion for their outstanding care and professionalism. We have seen King-American staff three times a week since March 1st of 2010. Their consistency and caring is to be commended and has made the experience of receiving dialysis three times a week more comfortable for my husband, as he requires ambulance transport. The regular staff are like friends and should be commended for the exemplary face they give to your company.

Dr. and Mrs. K
San Francisco

I am writing to express my appreciation for the exemplary response and service I received from King-American Ambulance. The paramedics were very professional, but, also empathetic and kind during my traumatic experience. I am grateful for their help.

Dorothy L.
San Francisco


“We thought that (the two of you) might want to see the “cath” (catheter) pictures of the patient you brought into the emergency department on 10/27. Door to Balloon time was 41 minutes, which is fantastic; primarily because you picked-up in the field what was going on with this individual. Let’s keep up this great work.”

Bobbi Foster
ED Director
St. Mary’s Medical Center

Yesterday…….I was rudely and savagely attacked by a sidewalk on Parker Avenue. It just suddenly came up and hit me in the face. Fortunately, some people nearby made a phone call and the Fire Department has informed me that it was your Unit 14 that responded and the purpose of this letter is to compliment you on your service and to ask that you particularly thank the professionals who competently and carefully attended to me and transported me to the hospital. Please do let the individuals know that their care and caring attitude were noted and appreciated.

Dr. John, D. D. S.
San Francisco

On Saturday, 3/7/09, a call was placed to 911 for my husband…… Upon arrival at St. Francis, (the paramedics) not only continued to attend to my husband, they explained to me what I needed to do. Later, they returned to transport my husband to CPMC. They delivered my husband at approximately 1:00 a.m. I was left standing alone in the hallway as the nursing staff attended to him. The paramedics left and a few minutes later, one returned and said he couldn’t leave me like that…he got me a chair and a tissue and I think he told someone to come and get me as soon as they could.

The paramedic came to ICU a few days later while on a call, to see how my husband was doing. Your paramedics should be commended for their kindness and professionalism.

Suzanne S.
San Francisco

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and everybody from King-American for your help with the year’s Breakaway from Cancer Charity Ride. King-American was vital in helping make this year’s ride a great success. The stand by team made sure everyone participating was safe.

Kyle Ballard
Lifestyle Sports Marketing

I thank the medical transport technicians for saving my life. Again, I thank you for your tremendous help when I was barely breathing and barely alive! Thanks to King-American Ambulance Company for your help when I was having a heart attack. I am alive and healing. God bless you.

Richard B.
San Francisco

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